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The Center for MindBody Health an integrated practice of medical, psychological and counseling practitioners.

The Center for MindBody Health

an integrative health practice

Our mind and body often seem to be at odds with each other. However, science is revealing that mind and body are, in truth, aspects of a single whole. Thus, excessive stress can cause illnesses just as illnesses can cause stress. We practice from the perspective that general illness frequently encompasses both medical and psychological concerns. Our center provides  medical and psychological expertise that targets these concerns, that teaches personal skills to solve problems and that enhances one's total wellbeing.


The Center for MindBody Health is an integrative practice of medical and psychological health providers. We work individually, with each other or throughᅠcommunity education to address a person’s wellness, to help the individual become more active in his or her own healing, and to encourage the person toward increased life satisfaction.

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The Center for MindBody Health

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